Types of Drug Rehabilitation Programs Offered at Rehab Facilities

A common sign such as the inability to control drug use or to have to develop rituals based on a drug use is an indication of substance addiction. We advise people to get help as soon as possible, and if the problem has escalated to heavy drug use, then there is a need to get into one of the many available drug rehabilitation programs. However, good drug rehab in St Louis MO is based on the situation of the patient.

Will the program treat my addiction?

Am I able to get a guide to the best program that will suit my particular addiction? We as experts guide the patients to treatment options.

Is the location convenient for me?

We recommend that you consider advantages and disadvantages of being admitted to a local program. Those with stable support systems such as friends and family should get a program that will allow them to offer their support during this period. If they make the process harder, then it is wise to travel to another area.

Before settling down to a rehabilitation program, check if their requirements suit the patient. These include:

  • The age and gender of the patients.
  • The period of the program.
  • Whether visitors are allowed or not.
  • Accommodation facilities offered.
  • The kind of diet provided at the facility.

At our facility, we run an accredited program and licensed professionals specially trained in addiction treatment run our team of staff.

There are different types of rehab programs that we offer that vary in the number of days a patient has to undergo treatment. They include:

28 to 30-day programs

The 28 or 30-day programs give a patient time to work through the detoxification process. They learn about their addictions, and we encourage patients to go through counseling. Cost wise, the programs are cheaper since they take a short period, and insurance companies are more likely to cover the expenses.

 60-day programs

The first 30 days are spent dealing with detox, and we ease addicts through the withdrawal periods. In the next days, we help our patients to work through their addiction through a support network as our experts assist them to establish sober lifestyles.

 90 days programs

We recommend the 90-day program to in patients with severe addictions. This program offers a high success rate of recovery.

Our facilities also offer specialized programs which include luxury and hospitalization programs.

 Luxury and executive programs

In this program, we cater to professionals, celebrities and business owners. This program is expensive compared to other programs. Our clients reside in an environment that resembles and offers services that are found in a 5-star hotel.

  Hospitalization programs

We consider Hospitalization through an inpatient rehab program when,

  • There are severe withdrawal symptoms because of multiple drug use.
  • Acute dependence on drugs.
  • Conditions marked with comorbid psychiatric conditions.

We encourage people seeking recovery from substance abuse to look for the best drug rehabilitation programs that would ensure their total recovery.

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